Mayor James applauds collaboration between Kansas City Public Schools and Académie Lafayette



Today, this community is taking a step forward in guaranteeing more quality seats for our students.  I’ve said many times that the needs of our young people must be placed above adult-centered issues like district boundaries, politics, and money.  Today’s announcement by Kansas City Public Schools and Académie Lafayette puts kids first.

Nothing can change a child’s trajectory like a quality education and that remains elusive for too many of our City’s students.  I applaud the leadership of both the district and Académie Lafayette for taking an innovative approach to increasing quality seats in our schools.  I have every confidence that this step paves the way for other school partnerships aimed at improving education opportunities and will elevate Kansas City as a model community where districts and charters work together for the betterment of our students.

Undoubtedly, the families of Southwest High School have endured a painful period in the school’s 89 year history.  But when I was a young man growing up in Kansas City, Southwest High School was synonymous with greatness.  Today begins the school’s journey back to greatness.  This is a huge moment for the entire City, for the families of the district and Académie Lafayette, and for the families I work every day to recruit to this community.  Having a school with an International Baccalaureate and international language program contributes to my vision of Kansas City being home to world-class education and it is simply the right, smart thing to do.


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