City Manager
Troy Schulte
Aviation Department
Mark VanLoh
City Auditor’s Office
Douglas Jones
City Clerk’s Office
Marilyn Sanders
City Planning and Development
Jeffrey Williams
Convention and Entertainment Facilities
Oscar McGaskey
Randy Landes
Paul Berardi
General Services
Earnest Rouse
Dr. Rex Archer
Human Relations
Philip Yelder
Human Resources
Gary O’Bannon
William Geary
Neighborhood and Housing Services
John Wood
Parks and Recreation
Mark McHenry
Rick Smith
Public Works
Sherri McIntyre
Water Services
Terry Leeds

McClain Bryant
Director of Policy
McClain Bryant joined the Mayor’s staff after serving 7 years hard time in one of the nation’s largest law firms.  A graduate of the George Washington University School of Law, and Florida A & M University’s Master of Business Administration program and undergraduate business school, McClain uses very little of her formal education to assist the Mayor with the formulation, implementation and tracking of his policy agenda.  She loves working for the Mayor and serving this great City. When she is not serving the City, she serves the community on various local and national non-profit boards.  She is an avid shopper and bargain hunter, and puts as much thought into her outfits as she does her work and community service.  She has no husband and one dog appropriately named Sugar.  When she leaves the Mayor’s office, she plans to write a fictionalized television pilot about her experiences in City Hall.  No joke.

Jim Giles

Director of Council & Community Relations
A veteran of City Hall, Jim moved up to the 29th floor after serving as an aide to the 2007-2011 4th District at-large Councilwoman. Much of his professional experience has been in the non-profit sector – where money is equally scarce as government. Committed to many of Kansas City’s fine organizations, he was honored to professionally serve at the local and national levels of the National Kidney Foundation and as executive director of the Jackson County Historical Society. Currently, he also serves on the boards of directors for the Mid-America Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the local public television station, KCPT. As part of these roles, Jim serves as a liaison to the community and City staff on LGBT issues.

Both of his degrees, a BA in Sociology and MPA, were earned from Kansas City’s own UMKC. Although proud of his Roo heritage, he is surprisingly a KU basketball fan. His parents, three sisters and eight nieces and nephews are scattered across the country, but Jim envisions himself retiring in his Union Hill apartment, watching House of Cards, reading Harry Potter books and reminding himself that frozen pizza and macaroni cheese are not food group.

Email Jim 

julie for website

Julie Holland
Education Advisor
An Army brat who’s moved 20 times to some fantastic places in the U.S. and abroad, Julie Holland is proud to call Kansas City home and the place she’s lived the longest.

Julie joined the Mayor’s office after a year of adventure in Seoul, South Korea. Previously, she worked at the Kauffman School, the Kauffman Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Central New York, and congressional offices in Oklahoma and Washington, D.C.

Even though orange is not her color, Julie received her B.S. from Oklahoma State University and her MPA from Syracuse University. For fashion reasons, she switched to red and chose Northeastern for her doctorate in law in policy.

Julie and her husband live, sleep-deprived, with their two young sons in Waldo. She enjoys time spent with neighbors and fellow education enthusiasts as a board member of Friends of Hale Cook. In her spare time, Julie has no spare time; she has two small children as previously mentioned.

Kelly Lynch-Stange

Senior Advisor for Digital Communications & Civic Marketing
Kelly is the middle child, which honestly explains a lot.  A native of Omaha, Ne., she moved to Kansas City after a brief identity crisis landed her in event planning for professional sports organizations for the first few years of her career.  Looking for an opportunity to serve the greater good, she transitioned into the non-profit sector, managing events and marketing efforts for national organizations until she discovered that public service is where she belongs.

With a B.S. degree in Public Relations from Northwest Missouri State University, and over 10 years experience managing communication efforts, Kelly brings her love of writing and collection of frilly dresses to the Mayor’s office.

Kelly lives in a 102 year old home in the Brookside neighborhood with her husband and daughter.  She loves home renovation projects and has a hard time trusting anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.

Katherine Randolph
Special Assistant for Operations
Born and raised in the heart of the city. Katherine is what we would call a true Kansas Citian, having lived in almost every part of Kansas City.  She is a graduate of Van Horn High School, where she could be found in the gym year round.  Playing an essential role in the development of youth in the Center of Hope Youth Department she worked in a variety of roles from dance instructor to counselor to co-creative director for many years. Exemplifying to her daughter and others that you can be successful and still reach back to help others.

Katherine became a philanthropist in her own right joining to help promote awareness for many groups: the Sarah Coleman Breast Cancer Walk, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, AIDS Walk Kansas City, and CASA of Jackson County, just to name a few.  If what Maya Angelou found to be true about the benefits of giving in that it “liberates the soul of the giver”, then we know Katherine’s soul is truly free!

With a love for history and politics, she decided, as Gandhi said, to be the change she wanted to see in the world.  Not unlike a Where’s Waldo, there is no telling where she may pop up!  And with her love for travel, there is no limit to where her passion will take her!


Hilary Stuver

Senior Advisor for Public Affairs 
Hilary, that’s right just ONE ‘L’, hails from the tiny, rural town of Brookfield, Missouri (don’t worry, no one knows where that is).

She recently graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO with a B.A. in Political Science and is so grateful to be starting her career of public service in the Mayor’s office.  Having completed various internships at the federal and state levels of government, Hilary has truly learned the value of the saying, “All politics is local.”

In her free time, Hilary enjoys living life in her adorable Hyde Park apartment where she’s learning how to cook… and not catch things on fire.  She loves reading, spending time with friends and family, and hopes to one day master the art of sewing.  Although a small-town girl at heart, Hilary loves exploring Kansas City and is excited to make this place her home.

Rachel Sweet 

Special Assistant for Public Policy 
Rachel recently graduated from the University of Missouri- Kansas City with a Bachelor’s degree in English and is happy that she no longer has to answer the question, “So, what are you gonna do with that? Teach?” Rachel began her career with the City in June, 2013 as a Bright Futures intern for Chief Innovation Officer Ashley Hand. She formerly worked for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri and continues to advocate for reproductive justice and other progressive causes in her spare time.

Rachel—unlike the majority of the staff—lives alone in her small, green Hyde Park apartment, where she doesn’t have to worry about spouses, children, or in-laws. She likes to spend her free time cooking, baking, sampling local restaurants, reading memoirs, visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and listening to Kanye West.

Rachel is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and can’t seem to get her geographic loyalties right—while constantly advocating and working for Kansas City, she continues to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Don’t ask.

Joni Wickham
Chief of Staff
Joni moved to the City of Fountains in May of 2011 from Jefferson City where she worked for the Missouri Federation of Teachers, the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office, and the Department of Transportation (not at the same time) in communications and public policy.  She has extensive experience in speech writing, project management, and gluten-free baking.

As an undergraduate, Joni caught the travel bug and studied democratic institutions and journalism in Russia.  Because when you think democracy and freedom of the press, you think Russia.   After surviving months of borsht and pickled meats, Joni attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where she received her masters degree in political science.  This experience led her to work in the State Capitol for five years before moving to Kansas City.

Joni is originally from North Carolina, where she returns a couple times of year to polish her southern accent.   She lives in the Northland with her husband and daughters.

Larissa Westenkirchner

Director of Administration
Larissa Nutsch Westenkirchner grew up with four brothers and sisters in a Kansas prairie town called Norway, population 45.  After high school she attended college at Loyola University Chicago, where she earned a B.A. and later an M.A. in Political Science.  She met her husband Anthony while both were Loyola undergrads; and after surviving a Category 5 hurricane during their honeymoon, their ensuing years of marriage have been a piece of cake.  Prior to joining the Mayor’s office, Larissa worked at small criminal defense and personal injury law firms in Chicago, and Polsinelli Shughart in Kansas City.

When she’s not wrangling several calendars at a time, Larissa can be found at home in the Northland wrangling her two children (daughter Aisling and son Oscar).  In her free time, Larissa enjoys spending time with her family, discussing politics, cooking and baking (especially for holidays), and crafting (or mainly just thinking about crafting, since she’s approximately a decade behind on her scrapbooks).  Larissa is also an avid movie fan; her favorites include “The Big Lebowski”, “Coming to America” and anything starring Matt Damon.  She is a member of the American Political Science Association, loves the color yellow, and could eat her favorite food, Indian curry, every day of the week.

Staff photography by Jenny Wheat of Wheat Photography.


Blue Ribbon Commission on Ethics Reform
Andrea Bough, Chair
Brian D. Ellison
Barbara Glesner Fines
Chris Lester
Robert Patrick
Leo Prieto

Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue
Stanton, Susan, Chair
Rev. Thomas Curran
Steve Glorioso
Kathy Hauser
Tim Kristl
Greg Lever
Merley McMurry
Brent Never
Wayne Powell
Janette Prenger
Jim Rice
Jim Stacey
Reginald Thomas
Donna Wilson Peters
Peter Yelorda

Mayors Task Force for the Arts
Mike Burke, Chair
Sean Kelley
Pat JordanJay Tomlinson
Airick L. West
Greg Carroll
Bill Dietrich
Jan Marcason
David Oliver
Jane Chu
Dawn Taylor
John Fierro
Julia Cole
Rick Hughes
Peter deSilva
Suzie Aron
Peter Witte
Tom Bean
Harlan Brownlee
Porter Arneill
Bob Langenkamp
Andrew Clarke
Mark McHenry
Tom Coyle
Eric Bosch
Thalia Cherry

Commission on Violent Crime
Stacey Daniels-Young, Chair
Charles Atwell
Richard Bryant
Williams Dowdell
Rubie Ellis
C. Stan Henry
Rodney Knott
Lora McDonald
Rose McLarney
Rev. John Miles
Charles Morgan
Jalilah Otto
Rachel Riley
Angela Torres
Dawana Wade
Marjorie Williams

Mayor’s Bistate Innovations Team
Mikes Burke, Chair
Jase Wilson
Alejandra Couchonnal  McManus
Chris Carroll
Sandra Lawrence
Anthony Magliano

Project Rise Advisory Committee
JoAnn Gabbert
Patrick “Duke” Dujakovich
Andres Dominguez
Erika Brice
Nancy Seelen
Allison Bergman
Linda Winter
Kevin Kelly
Tracy McFerrin Foster

Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners
Jean-Paul Chaurand, Chair
Aimee Gromowsky
McClain Bryant
David Mecklenburg
Allen Dillingham

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
Michael Duffy , Chair
James White
Steven Hamilton
JoAnne Fox Rahtjen
Gabriel Okafor

Public Improvement Advisory Committee
Deb Hermann, Chair

Tax Increment Financing Commission
Ronald Yaffe, Chair
Rhonda Holman
Philip Glynn
Estella Morales
Kelley Martin
Barrett Hatches

Mayor Pro TemScott Wagner


Finance and Governance
Councilman Scott Wagner, Chair
Councilwoman Jolie Justus,  Vice Chair
Councilman Lee Barnes
Councilman Kevin McManus

Planning, Zoning and Economic Development
Councilman Scott Taylor, Chair
Councilman Less Barnes,  Vice Chair
Councilwoman Heather Hall
Councilman Quinton Lucas
Councilwoman Katheryn Shields

Transportation and Infrastructure
Councilman Jermaine Reed, Chair
Councilman Kevin McManus, Vice Chair
Councilwoman Jolie Justus
Councilman Quinton Lucas
Councilman Dan Fowler

Neighborhoods and Public Safety
Councilwoman Alissia Canady, Chair
Councilman Katherine Sheilds, Vice Chair
Councilwoman Heather Hall
Councilman Quinton Lucas

Councilman Quinton LucasChair
Councilman Dan FowlerVice Chair
Councilman Scott Wagner 
Councilwoman Alissia Canady 
Councilman Teresa Loar 

Councilwoman Jolie JustusCo-Chair
Councilman Kevin McManusCo-Chair
Councilwoman Katheryn Shields 
Mayor Sylvester James, Jr. 
Councilwoman Teresa Loar 

Youth Development
Mayor Sylvester James, Jr., Chair
Councilwoman Katheryn ShieldsVice Chair
Councilwoman Heather Hall
Councilman Lee Barnes, Jr.

Councilwoman Jolie JustusChair
Councilman Dan Fowler, Vice Chair
Councilwoman Teresa Loar
Councilman Quinton Lucas

Finance and Governance
Councilman Scott Wagner, Chair
Councilwoman Jolie Justus, Vice Chair
Councilman Lee Barnes, Jr.
Councilman Kevin McManus

Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Jobs
Councilwoman Teresa Loar, Chair
Councilwoman Heather Hall, Vice Chair
Councilwoman Alissia Canady
Councilman Scott Taylor
Councilman Jermaine Reed