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  • No Time for Politics
    Posted May 5, 2017

    Friends, Healthy debate is how good decisions are made and how all voices are heard. However, the recent effort to stall plans for a downtown convention hotel, is more about making noise than being heard. The issue of whether to … Read More »

  • On Minimum Wage Increase – Shortcuts Lead to Dead-ends
    Posted March 6, 2017

    As a kid, growing up at 44th and Montgall, I watched my father work hard to provide for our family. He and my mother often held as many as four jobs between them in order to send my brothers and … Read More »

  • Protests and Peaceful Activism
    Posted February 1, 2017

    “This is not about who we oppose or fear. This is about who we are and who we want to be.” There is simply no getting around the fact that we are in the midst of polarizing times. Because of … Read More »

  • 5 Priorities for the GO Bond Package
    Posted December 23, 2016

    “The basic infrastructure of our city is something we inherit, and must improve, to hand down to our kids and grandkids. We make our living because of it. We explore and enjoy our city because of it. And we make … Read More »

  • 4 Things to know about the GO Bond package
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Friends, Starting this week, you will hear a lot of discussion about a G.O., or general obligation, bond package that voters will be asked to approve in April. Conversation is starting now because it’s a significant investment, but one that … Read More »

  • Let’s talk about raises
    Posted October 25, 2016

    As mayor, the safety and protection of our city is a top priority for me. This isn’t platitude – this is my commitment, and it requires cooperation among not only the city and my office but the cooperation of law … Read More »

  • Doubling Down on Stupid: Overriding the veto of Senate Bill 656
    Posted September 13, 2016

    Earlier today I stood inside the Rose Brooks Center, a tremendous facility in Kansas City. The Rose Brooks Center provides emergency shelter to women and children escaping life-threatening abuse. I cannot adequately express the gratitude that I have for the … Read More »

  • Safety in Innovation
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Kansas City’s reputation as an innovative, interesting city to live, work and play is catching fire.   I’m a big fan of innovation and I love having so many interesting options on everything from entertainment to restaurants to transportation. That’s … Read More »

  • Recognizing National Gun Violence Awareness Day
    Posted June 2, 2016

    When did we get away from common sense in this country? Perhaps it was in 2004 when the United States Congress failed to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Or perhaps, it was following the Sandy Hook shooting when gun … Read More »

  • Airport Delay
    Posted May 3, 2016

    Last week when the airlines presented their recommendation to Council, I said we need a new airport terminal because we need to continue to grow. I still think that’s true. We need a comprehensive change in our transportation system – … Read More »