Mayor James announces Former Senator Kit Bond will serve as the City’s federal lobbyist

January 2, 2013 - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI
Former Missouri Senator and Governor will bring decades of experience to Kansas City’s efforts in Washington, D.C.

The City of Kansas City has selected former Missouri Senator and Governor  Christopher “Kit” Bond to serve as its federal lobbyist. After reviewing many qualified submissions and conducting interviews with both local and national firms, a contract will be extended to Kit Bond Strategies to carry Kansas City’s message to Washington, D.C.

Former Senator Bond has worked on a number of successful projects in Kansas City, including the IRS Center, the NNSA/Honeywell Project, the Charles Evans Whitaker Federal Courthouse, Sam Rodgers Community Health Center, Swope Parkway Community Health Center, the Guadalupe Center, the KCATA Bus Rapid Transit System and the Chouteau Bridge. As the streetcar project progresses, his experience working with the KCATA on transportation issues will be a tremendous asset.

In addition, former Senator Bond retains deep connections to the current Congress and agency officials. His close relationships with members of the House of Representatives and Senators in key positions in Transportation, Housing, Appropriations, and Small Business, all of which are areas of need in Kansas City. “I’m confident former Senator Bond will help us serve our residents well, because he has a proven track record of accomplishment in service to Kansas City. For example, he is currently serving as a Co-Chair with Henry Cisneros on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Federal Commission on Housing, which will issue recommendations in February. I’m certain he will use that experience to improve our City’s programming and reputation with regard to housing issues,” said Kansas City Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James.

“I am proud to say that Kansas City will be the only governmental entity Kit Bond Strategies will represent,” said Mayor James. “There are few other than our current elected officials who know our needs and priorities as well as Kit Bond. He has long been a friend of Kansas City and will be a powerful voice in Washington to assist in accomplishing our goals.”

“In the Governor’s Mansion and in the U.S. Senate I championed Kansas City’s priorities, from revitalizing neighborhoods, to improving transportation infrastructure, to increasing access to health care, and I am excited to continue fighting for the City on this new front,” said former Senator Bond.

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