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Welcome to the Kansas City Mayor’s Office new website! We are changing the way our office, and honestly offices across the country, interact with the people they serve online. It is an exciting time in Kansas City, and I believe that your Mayor’s Office should reflect that great Rodgers and Hammerstein lyric, “Everything is up-to-date in Kansas City.” This website is not just up-to-date; it is the first of its kind anywhere in America.

So what is different? The look has certainly changed for the better. Thanks to the creative minds at Global Prairie and the fantastic photography of Eric Bowers, I think we are launching a site that on its surface will highlight the beauty and diversity of Kansas City. But, the real innovation is happening in ways you may not be able to see easily. I bet, however, you will notice the difference as soon as you start to use the site. I am proud to say, this site is far more than a pretty face.

What we have done, or more accurately what Google’s partners at Global Prairie and Luminopolis have done is to transform the Mayor’s office from a Microsoft-based office to a flagship for Google’s new Google for Government applications. Starting this month, if a document or spreadsheet is produced in the Mayor’s Office it is done with Google Docs. If you email us, it comes to us via Gmail. If you schedule an event, it will be reflected on Google Calendar. Our document management, archiving, and especially our constituent services are all integrated using Google.

Here is a quick example of how our new site could help you. Our new system means that when you call, write or email us a complaint or concern that needs action, your request gets tracked throughout the system until your case is resolved. Very simply, the system will help our staff better keep track of your request and help give you better service.

It seems fitting that as the city who will pilot Google’s new high-speed fiber with speed 100 times faster than current internet speeds we should pioneer this system. Everything from how we update our social media to how you can call our office has been enhanced with Google.

Like the rest of the Google fiber installation, our office is trying to be a test case and model, which means we are going to try some things that may not work. But, like you, we understand that the only way to find better solutions is to try.

In order to help foster the development of those better solutions, the new website is built on an opensource platform. We have incredible talent in Kansas City. Please take this platform and innovate. I want this to be a collaborative effort.

There are many new features to the Mayor’s Office website that I hope you enjoy. We have spent a great deal of time and effort to highlight pieces of City Hall. This great monument to civic pride will turn 75 next year, and I wanted to show off some of the craftsmanship that makes this building unique and beautiful.

I also wanted to highlight some of the people that make our city unique and beautiful, so please look for profiles of Kansas Citians and businesses on the front page. If you know a Kansas Citian who has gone above and beyond and would like to bring them to my attention, please do not hesitate to email me.

In fact, if you have any thoughts, suggestions or just want to say “hi,” feel free to use this new website to contact me. This is a two way street. It is designed both so that I can reach you better and you can reach me more easily. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting the new website for the Office of the Mayor. I think it does Kansas City proud.

It is an exciting time to be in Kansas City. Thank you for being a part of what makes us great.

Mayor Sly James

One thought on “New Kansas City Mayor’s Website!

  1. Dear Mayor James,
    I am a retired teacher and have an idea to help our schools. As Hilery Clinton stated, “It takes a Village.” I would suggest that any large business, corporation, law office, etc. in K. C. adopt a school. Each corporation would, at their expense, hire part time retired teachers, retirees, concerned members of the community etc. to act as tutors in the school they adopt.
    For example: Cerner adopts an elementary school. They provide 30 tutors for their school. The students are tested at the beginning of the year and at the end to determine how many percentage points they have improved. They will be in competition with other companys who have adopted a school. At the end of the school year, the company and school with the most improvement wins an award presented by the mayor. For the tutors it would be a part time job with a nominal salary. Perhaps three hours a day. Each school administrator would work with their team of tutors. Perhaps as a community we can pull these kids out of the dumpster. D’Ann Dreiling

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