The Women’s Empowerment Initiative (WE), the first of its kind in the nation, is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, Central Exchange, Women’s Foundation, and UMKC’s Women’s Center. The overall goals are to ensure the City of Kansas City, Missouri is an inclusive, diverse organization and supports women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Women are under-represented in leadership positions in the business community, in government, and in leadership positions, even though they make up 51% of the population and receive higher levels of education at a faster pace than their male counterparts.

WE takes steps to ensure that city government works well for the women who work for it and the women who do business with the city, enabling them to reach their full potential. It’s a model that other cities and businesses can use.

In 2015, the Mayor unveiled city government’s blueprint for women’s empowerment, culminating a five-month-long collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, Central Exchange, the Women’s Foundation, and UMKC’s Women’s Center.

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The Mayor’s Office is proud to partner with the Women’s Foundation for their Appointments Project. The Appointments Project serves as a talent bank for women seeking opportunities to lead Kansas City. Regardless of your background, now is the time to share your expertise and point of view. MORE INFO »

We’ve also partnered with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Women’s Foundation to announce bring AAUW Work Smart to Kansas City, the first phase of a large-scale initiative to help close the gender pay gap by empowering 1 million women to successfully negotiate their salary and benefits across Kansas and Missouri. MORE INFO »

When Work Works aims to improve workplace effectiveness and flexibility in Kansas and Missouri businesses and with best practices that support employees and their employees’ families. It also includes an awards program to help businesses track progress and to recognize companies that set the standard for workplace effectiveness and employee support. MORE INFO »