Strong and Proud

It was my great honor to deliver the 2013 State of the City Address at the Historic Gem Theater. At the event I outlined the great progress we have made and the challenges we have before us. I can tell you, the state of our City is both strong and proud and even brighter days are ahead for all Kansas Citians.

The text of the full speech is available for download now here >>>

The accompanying slide presentation can be viewed below:

At the event I unveiled the newest way Kansas Citians can keep in touch with me. The Mayor Sly James App is available for both iOS and Android phones. When summertime comes, this will be a great way for youth to be alerted to events and activities. Please take a moment to download one now.

Download the iOS Mayor Sly James app >>>

Download the Android Mayor Sly James app >>>









2 thoughts on “Strong and Proud

  1. I was proud of my mayor when I saw how you behaved when that angry man tried to take over the mike today. Keep up the good work.

  2. We were proud also of our Mayor’s cool demeanor. This city has finally elected a mayor that is doing what he said he would do for his city. My only advise to him is to take a second look at his security staff. Because if the man had any other intentions other than grabbing the microphone, our mayor would not be here today!

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