Statement from Mayor James on KCI Selection Committee Recommendation

September 6, 2017 - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI


“This marks another big step forward in the process to bring a 21st century, modern, and convenient single terminal redevelopment at KCI.

I want to thank the selection committee, who had a difficult job to do, no doubt. But they put the best interest of the city first and came forward with a great deal for our city.

When this effort picked up in May, after a year of laying dormant, I felt we were in a position to find a solution to a challenge we can’t ignore any longer.

My priorities since day 1 have been a new single terminal, an experienced and collaborative partner and a financial deal that our city can be proud of.

The recommendation made by the committee makes these priorities possible. Edgemoor offers the city the best project for the cost, a record of positive labor relations, a deep level of experience on similar projects, and a commitment to local partnership for this generational project.

I’m glad we’re here. This debate has consumed much time and energy so far, and that’s expected because it is a major decision we’ll make as a community. But this recommendation represents a win for Kansas City.

The city council should move quickly to confirm this recommendation – and the residents of this city will have the final say. I’m excited to spend the next two months talking to residents about what this project, partner, and decision in November means for the future of Kansas City, Missouri.”

Contact: James Roberts office: 816.513.6579 or cell: 816.301.9114