Mayor Sly James’ Statement on KCI Single Terminal Proposal

April 26, 2016 - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI

“Today’s presentation is based on more than two years of thoughtful analysis and good-faith negotiations with the airlines, combined with a year of intense evaluation and consideration by a citizen-led advisory group.  Through that process, we’ve learned that KCI is a forty-year-old city facility that does not meet the needs of today’s airlines or travelers.

Efforts to renovate KCI would be more expensive than building a new single terminal and would still fail to meet our needs for today and for the future. A new single terminal would help ensure the airlines are able to provide the kind of service travelers expect today, as well as the convenience they like.  We don’t have to choose between these two options; we really can have both. Furthermore, our taxpayers won’t be covering the costs of a new terminal.

However, we are at a critical decision point.  If we miss this moment, then the opportunity will be gone for years and KCI will continue to fall behind other cities. A single terminal is inevitable – the question is when. If you think something is inevitable, do it now.”

Contact: Joni Wickham Office: 816 513 6582 Cell: 816 572 2152