Mayor James, KC NoVA Remain Unified and Focused on its Community-Based, Multidimensional Approach to Crime Reduction

Recent violence underscores the need for community cooperation with KCPD

Mayor Sly James, and the partners of the KC No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA), including Police Chief Darryl Forte and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker, US Attorney Tammy Dickinson, the Missouri Department of Corrections, and the University of Missouri – Kansas City, are calling on Kansas Citians to join their efforts to reduce violent crime by relaying any information regarding recent shootings to the authorities.

“Enough is enough. Violence in Kansas City must end and KC NoVA uses smart tactics to get us there.  This is about more than only throwing people in jail – it’s also about offering those individuals the option to reshape their lives and become productive members of our community and partners in building a safer Kansas City,” said Mayor Sly James.  “We can’t do this alone or overnight.  We need members of our community to choose to help us.”

“It is important to emphasize that these recent shootings are criminal acts of violence by people within our community.  Their decisions and actions, as witnessed this last weekend, compromise the safety of anyone around them,” said Police Chief Darryl Forte. “This is why recent focused, collaborative initiatives, like KC NoVA, have been implemented.  These efforts commit resources to preventing and deterring violent crimes and arresting violent offenders.  Along with these initiatives, our focus is also to build and maintain positive relationships with citizens.  The arrest and apprehension of these violent offenders is dependent on support from those who witness these crimes.  The safety of our community depends on us all working together and KCPD is committed to that goal.”

Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is urged to call the TIPS Hotline at .

KC NoVA launched on January 30, after KCPD and federal agents arrested 17 individuals and cleared nearly 50 warrants. The focus of that sweep was a group associated with criminal activity in the Northeast area of Kansas City. Since then, KC NoVA has held four call-ins, where persons associated with recent violence are invited to hear messages from key law enforcement and community members, including offers of help to turn their lives to a more productive path.

KC NoVA utilizes a focused-deterrence model to fight crime.  This model has produced measurable results in cities like Boston and Cincinnati by connecting individuals in known criminal networks with the social services they need to leave a life of crime.  These social services include education, job training, and drug treatment.

“The recent acts of violence do not cause me to lose hope,” said Jean Peters Baker, Jackson County Prosecutor. “While gun violence in our community is a long-term problem, it is not impossible.  With time, a strong resolve, and a steady effort, we can reduce crime.  Our resolve is not lessened by recent acts of violence, but rather, it demonstrates the need to keep our heads down and the efforts of KC NoVA forging ahead.”

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