Mayor James appoints Deb Hermann to Chair Public Improvements Advisory Committee

Former Councilwoman brings passion and depth of knowledge to new role on citizen’s panel

Today Kansas City Mayor Sly James announced that he has appointed civic leader and former Councilwoman and Finance Committee Chair, Deb Hermann, to serve as Chairwoman of the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC).

“I am excited that Deb has accepted this appointment as Chair of one of our City’s most important boards. Her dedication and passion for building healthy neighborhoods is exactly the focus we need in the Chair of PIAC. I am particularly impressed by her ideas to support place-based PIAC investments leveraging the taxpayer’s dollars in more efficient and strategic ways. Certainly, her financial stewardship credentials are beyond repute and her ability to balance big picture goals with neighborhood needs will be key. She is perfect for the Chair and I couldn’t be more pleased she has accepted this undertaking,” said Mayor James.

“It is my honor to accept the Chair of PIAC, one of the City’s most trusted, and by definition, publically engaged Boards. Since its establishment in 1983, PIAC has been one of the things that consistently works well at City Hall. Every resident of Kansas City can come before this panel and suggest investments; big and small, business or private citizen, all are seen as equals. I look forward to taking a good program and making it even better. We will quickly consider the Citizen Improvement Committee’s recommendations for improving the PIAC process and review the way we rate and prioritize our City’s investments. Frankly, there are common sense ways we can help PIAC better serve our citizens, and I look forward to working with Mayor James, the Council and the other members of the Committee to implement those changes,” said Chairwoman Deb Hermann.

Created in 1983 by City Council Resolution 55417 and reaffirmed by City Council Resolution 62031. The PIAC’s primary function is to solicit input from residents and then, as residents, make recommendations to the City Council regarding both the citywide and neighborhood portions of the capital budget.

Chairwoman Hermann is the first of many important appointments to the City’s boards and commissions Mayor James will make. In making the PIAC Chair his first appointment, the Mayor reaffirms the primary importance of the citizen’s panel, established by the residents of Kansas City to provide oversight for how their tax dollars are spent.

Any resident interested in serving the City on a board and commission can find the Mayor’s online application  here:

If you have questions about the application or appointment process, please email or call the Mayor’s Office at 816-513-3500.

Contact: Danny Rotert: 816-513-6581 or cell: 816-547-6418