Mayor James Appoints Country Club Right-of-Way Neighborhood Advisory Committee

February 14, 2014 - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI

Today, Mayor James selected 31 stakeholders of the Country Club Right-of-Way area to a neighborhood advisory committee.  The Mayor’s Office received 119 applicants.  The group will advise the City on a variety of options and topics related to potential streetcar expansion efforts through that neighborhood. The advisory committee was formed to address several community concerns regarding how the expansion may proceed that are unique to the Country Club Right-of-Way area.  As specific concerns arise on other expansion corridors, it is anticipated that similar stakeholder advisory groups will be created as needed.

“The streetcar project is the biggest new public transportation project in our City in decades,” said Mayor James.  “I value diversity of opinions and consider public engagement a critical factor in deciding how we should move forward. These meetings will be an outlet for providing fact-based answers to stakeholders’ questions.  I appreciate the individuals on this neighborhood advisory committee who will be giving their time and energy to examining this issue.”

The members of the Country Club Right-of-Way Neighborhood Advisory Committee are:


Kathleen Arthur, Resident

Rhonda Atkin, Resident

Lou Austin, Resident

David Boese, Employed by a business

Oliver Burnette, Resident

Lynn Carlton, Resident

Kelly Dillman, Resident

Matt Enstrom, Resident

Andrea Estevez, Resident

Caleb-Michael Files, Resident

David Gentile, Resident

Scott Gustafson, Resident

Drew Hodgdon, Resident

Charles Kearney, Resident

Jerry Keithline, Resident

Gib Kerr, Resident

Christopher Lewellen, Resident

Thomas McFarland, Resident

Martin Murphy, Resident

Dylan Payne, Resident

Cynthia Porter, Resident

Derek Ramsay, Resident

Lawrence Rebman, Resident

Eric Rogers, Transit advocate

Melissa Saubers, Business owner

Bob Simmons, Employed by a business

Janelle Sjue, Resident

Mark Slater, Resident

Whitney Smith, Resident

Theresa VanAckeren, Business owner

Richard Wetzel, Resident

The committee will meet on Saturdays at 9 am in the 2nd Floor Conference Center at the UMKC Administrative Center Building, located at 5115 Oak Street, starting on February 22nd, for a minimum of four weeks.


Contact: Joni Wickham: 816-513-6582 or cell: 816-572-2152