Mayor James announces smart technology framework between Cisco and Kansas City

These pilot projects will enhance downtown connectivity and resident engagement and are the first of its kind in the United States.

Today, Mayor Sly James announced that the City of Kansas City, Missouri is working with Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities™ program and the Internet of Everything to launch several pilot projects in Downtown Kansas City. These projects, called Connected and Innovative Kansas City, will create new ways of using smart City services to enhance connectivity and resident engagement in downtown Kansas City. When completed, it will complement Kansas City’s new Downtown Streetcar starter line.

“Cisco’s investment is further proof that Kansas City is at the forefront of technological advancement,” said Mayor James. “This joint effort will connect our visitors and residents with our City’s services and information like never before.  In addition, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to build their own unique, innovative applications to enhance the public’s experience.  Put simply, this is a win-win for everyone and furthers our efforts to be the most entrepreneurial city in the nation.”

City and Cisco staff signed a letter of intent (change date depending on when this is released), which outlines a framework for specific Connected and Innovative Kansas City pilot projects, including:

  • environment and infrastructure sensing;

  • interactive kiosks and mobile applications in Downtown Kansas City that will promote resident engagement;

  • smart street lighting that will help the City use less energy and save more money; and

  • high definition security video.

The City and Cisco plan to make a final selection on additional pilot projects and partners by the end of June 2014.

The letter of intent gives Kansas City access to the Cisco Smart+Connected Communities architecture and data for ongoing performance evaluation and data collection. In addition, Cisco will help Kansas City develop a digital roadmap.

“Today, global competition really is between cities to provide the best quality of life for its citizens, and Kansas City is helping to lead the charge on innovation in the Midwest,” said Wim Elfrink, Cisco’s executive vice president of industry solutions and chief globalizationofficer. “This kind of thought leadership at the municipal level is what helps pave the way for a smarter, more connected and sustainable city.”

To help foster innovation, Cisco plans to work with Think Big Partners to manage a Kansas City “living lab” for entrepreneurial development. This lab will serve as an incubator for these Connected and Innovative Kansas City participants and the start-up community to develop new solutions to address some of the City’s greatest challenges, including public safety, infrastructure maintenance, urban sustainability and community engagement.

“Innovative solutions will be developed that are not even on the drawing board once we connect the smart city ecosystem to the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Isaiah Blackburn, Cisco’s chief strategist for Connected and Innovative Kansas City.

For more information about Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities, please visit  Cisco is a worldwide leader in information technology and innovation. It designs, builds and sells networking equipment.

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