Kansas City to launch cutting edge Social Media Command Center to assist guests during the All-Star Game

City will be the first All-Star host city to establish a center to monitor and respond online

Kansas City is set to launch an unprecedented effort utilizing social media channels to make the All-Star experience in Kansas City even better. Powered by volunteers, Kansas City’s Social Media Command Center will act as a virtual help desk, concierge, trend spotter and friendly guide. With the Mayor’s Office staff helping to quickly solve issues as they arise, and the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association (KCCVA) providing real time updates, the aim is to efficiently and effectively use social media to provide responses to guests during All-Star week.

Programmed with dozens of search terms, the high-tech system will scour social media posts during the week. Visitors will not have to do anything different or special to receive a direct response to a question or comment.

Hosted at H&R Block’s international headquarters at the Power & Light District, 25 members of Kansas City’s Social Media Club, advertising firms and IT professionals have been selected to serve as volunteers to monitor and respond to visitors’ needs via Twitter, Facebook or other social media outlets.

The idea models and expands on a similar successful program at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The difference is that the project has been taken on in Kansas City by the City, visitors bureau and volunteer professionals in the field. Kansas City looks to create a system that can be deployed for other large events.

“As host to this summer’s All-Star game, Kansas City is looking to show the world that we are a center of creativity, both technical and artistic. We have some of the most talented people on the planet right here in our midst, and they are stepping up big time to help Kansas City put its best foot forward on the international stage. This will be the first center of its kind in an All-Star host city. I have no doubt it will enhance our guests’ experience and impress residents and visitors alike,” said Mayor Sly James.

Mayor James, appropriately, kicked off the creation of the Social Media Command Center on Twitter. Forwarding a link about the Super Bowl’s center, he asked if we could do something even better in Kansas City. The response was immediate, and the system will be up and running in time for the arrival of the city’s All-Star guests.

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