Launch KC

What is Launch KC?  Launch KC is a series of initiatives by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, in partnership with local businesses, to develop tech and arts startups in downtown Kansas City.

Launch KC is the culmination of months of meetings with successful IT entrepreneurs, and civic and business leaders to identify Kansas City, Missouri’s strengths and opportunities.  The Launch KC initiative is designed to provide policy and marketing guidance for a sector specific recruitment and expansion initiative that will qualitatively change the perception of Kansas City’s capabilities for emerging innovation technology companies, and for public sector incentives.  Most of the past and current innovation technology activity has had an “epicenter” in the Crossroads area of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The function of Launch KC is to focus the attention of new and emerging firms to Kansas City on the Crossroads area (and the greater downtown) as a specific area that currently provides exceptional data transmission capabilities, a youth-oriented quality of life, and a reputation for creativity.

For more information, visit the Launch KC website.