Enforcement Policy

In order for Kansas City to continue to move forward, it must focus on reducing crime rates. Crime rates and murder rates are far too high and have been for far too long.

At the top of list is the issue of gun violence.  The Mayor is firm in his belief that something must be done to address the issue of illegal guns.  Because gun laws can only be changed at the state level, he continues to track developments in the Capitol that impact gun violence in Kansas City.  Two potential state-level remedies to curb gun violence include universal background checks and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns.

As a member of the Police Board, the Mayor also consistently engages with the Chief of Police and the Police Department on efforts to reduce overall crime in the community.  The Mayor has worked with the Police Department and the County Prosecutor to develop the focused-deterrence crime fighting strategy KC No Violence Alliance initiative, which promises to pay dividends.

The Mayor will also seek implementation of several recommendations from the Urban Crime Summit, including efforts to explore an armed offender docket and strengthening reentry and community programs to reduce recidivism.

Making progress on these issues is critical to the City’s success.  Mayor James is committed to finding effective solutions for combating crime in Kansas City.