Efficiency Policy

Kansas City needs to continue down the path of being a smarter city.  This means finding efficiencies by solving traditional pinch points, as well as continuously developing new tools to improve processes.  As the City moves forward in the innovation economy, it needs to set a premium on innovation within government as well.

Early in his administration, the Mayor and City Manager instituted KCStat, a data-driven, public-facing performance management initiative aligned with City Council strategic priorities and focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of city services.  KCStat has driven increases in citywide customer satisfaction and other internal efficiencies.

The Mayor, City Council, and City Manager have also worked hard to further stabilize the City’s fiscal house.  The Mayor and Council adopted by resolution the Manager’s proposed Citywide Business Plan, have worked diligently to negotiate ongoing solvency for all four pension plans, and has implemented many of the financial recommendations from the Mayor’s Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue.

On the innovation front, the Mayor secured the first female government Chief Innovation Officer in the country, Ashley Z. Hand.  Ashley’s work focuses on finding and implementing new, creative, data-driven solutions to traditional problems, both technological and operational.

Changing speeds and conditions in society requires local government processes to be nimble and efficient.  Mayor James is committed to furthering efficiency initiatives throughout the organization.