Chief Innovation Officer

The City of Kansas City, Missouri seeks a creative, innovative thinker and project manager to fill the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) position. This strategic and forward-thinking individual will challenge current practices throughout City Hall, and have the freedom to move nimbly within the system to ask probing questions, work collaboratively, and press for better methods. Overall responsibilities include the identification of government inefficiencies, and the adaptation and implementation of new, creative, data-driven solutions to traditional problems, both technological and operational.

Reporting to the Mayor’s Chief of Staff and the Mayor, and acting as the internal efficiency consultant to the organization, the Chief Innovation Officer will also be expected to work closely with the City Manager to ensure an independent, yet collaborative approach to efficient, effective, and enhanced municipal operations. The CIO will be an advocate for best practices in local government and focus review efforts in a positive and constructive manner rather than fault-finding. The CIO will be expected to actively participate and contribute at the highest level throughout the organization, yet maintain the level of independence necessary to meet the essence of this important position.

The CIO will be expected to give bi-monthly progress updates to the Mayor and City Council at regular Council business sessions.

Existing projects and initiatives included under the CIO’s purview include:

  • Working within the KCStat initiative to achieve government efficiency through organizational and technological improvements;
  • Leading the implementation of the KC Digital Roadmap and a smart city framework into government operations;
  • Transitioning City Hall to a more innovative and tactical environment to become a partner in the external entrepreneurial process;
  • Working with Mayor’s Office and City Communications public relations teams to elevate the profile of the Office of Innovation;
  • Collaborating with the Mayor’s Challenge Cabinet to enhance civic engagement and partnerships; and
  • Creating a culture of innovation within City Hall that is invigorated and receptive to new ideas and operational enhancements.

Additionally, the Chief Innovation Officer will work to ensure a forward-thinking and strategic approach to technology in support of all municipal business units. The CIO will promote enhanced technology based on available funding, potential for cost savings, and improved service delivery to the public. As appropriate, the CIO will seek out potential opportunities with local organizations to enhance municipal operations through collaborative efforts.


  • Demonstrate outstanding communication skills;
  • Make sound and well-informed decisions affecting multiple stakeholders;
  • Commit to action when dealing with pressure and ambiguity of controversial issues and situations;
  • Contribute to the overall good of the organization through effective and timely reporting;
  • Prepare and deliver effective presentations; and
  • Be comfortable dealing with an engaged public in a highly visible environment.


  • Advisory and consultative approach to organizational assessment;
  • A demonstrated ability to implement best practices;
  • Benchmarking and long-range strategic visioning to highlight potential new ways to deliver services in local government.


  • Politically astute yet apolitical;
  • Able to develop strong working relationships with the City’s Leadership and in cooperation with all strata of the organization;
  • Able to review issues, staff, and procedures in order to achieve the best possible deliverables and outcome;
  • Strong in public and media relations skills;
  • Experienced in performance based management; and
  • Able to embrace challenges and thrives on accomplishments;
  • Results driven.


Experience – This position requires significant career experience in one of the following types of organizations: (a) a private sector firm with a culture committed to performance improvement measures and best practices; (b) a management consulting firm dealing with organizational efficiencies, cost-saving analysis and performance enhancements; or (c) a forward-thinking government entity that has embraced change management and innovative techniques.

Education – A Master’s degree in organizational management or a closely related field is required.

All highly qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. This is a national search effort and all highly qualified individuals are encouraged to submit qualifications for consideration. Those candidates with a keen understanding and demonstrated success in identifying and driving change through collaborative efforts in high performance organizations will be given priority consideration. Final selection of top tier candidates will be based on the combination of education and experience that best fits the City of Kansas City’s needs.


This position will be supported by an employment agreement with the City of Kansas City for an agreed upon term, with the option to renew. The salary for this position is negotiable and is dependent on qualifications and will be based on the career experience presented by top candidates. Placement above the entry point for this position will be dependent upon experience, qualifications, and professional achievement. The City may negotiate relocation assistance with the successful candidate.


This is a confidential recruitment and will be handled accordingly throughout the various stages of the process. References will not be contacted until mutual interest has been established. Candidates are encouraged to apply no later than Friday, May 8, 2015. Interviews are anticipated in mid May.

Submissions should include cover letter, comprehensive resume, salary history, and professional references.