Year One

A year ago, I was proud to be sworn in as the 54th Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. As a means of changing the way we conduct business at City Hall, I appointed a number of committees, panels, task forces and commissions in the last year. I have asked each of those groups to send updates of their work as we mark the first anniversary of my administration. These status reports represent the work of hundreds of residents of Kansas City who have volunteered thousands of hours to make our city a better place to live, work and play.

It is my honor to share their work with you. Real progress is being made to tackle some of our most difficult challenges. The work of these groups is not glamorous, but it is meaningful. The thought and care that is reflected in these documents is a strong foundation upon which we will build Kansas City into a world-class city. These are your recommendations for your city. In truth, it is far more important that these reports be delivered to you than to me.

We have come a long way in the last year, but have even further to go — together. As we begin this second year,  we will strengthen our efforts to combat violent crime, make game-changing decisions to improve our infrastructure, launch major economic development initiatives and shine on the international stage. Working together, we can make Kansas City BEST.

My thanks to each of your for your support, kind words and willingness to set differences aside as we work towards better days ahead.

Citizens’ Commission on Municipal Revenue

DRAFT Recommendations (pdf)>>>
DRAFT Appendix (pdf)>>>

Turn the Page Grade Level Reading Program

FINAL Submitted Application (pdf)>>>
FINAL Appendix (pdf)>>>
Sign up to volunteer >>>
Watch the introduction video >>>

Mayor’s Task Force on the Arts

Status report letter from Chairman Mike Burke (pdf)>>>

Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ethics Reform

DRAFT Recommendations (pdf)>>>
Section-by-section summary of proposed changes to the Code of Ethics (pdf)>>>

Special Committee on Small Business

Implementation status update report (pdf)>>>

Mayors’ Bistate Innovations Team (MBIT)

In September, I established the Mayors’ Bistate Innovations Team (MBIT) with Mayor Joe Reardon from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.  The Team has explored ways the community might use Google Fiber to improve public services; create community; assist and advance education; spark economic development; create jobs; or otherwise improve the standard of life in the KC metro area. The Team is currently developing a living, breathing playbook of priorities for the region surrounding the Google Fiber initiative, which it will soon release publicly.  The Team is also a resource hub for information on community activity that anticipates the implementation of Google Fiber, and has joined with several organizations to establish a GoogleConnectsKC website at

Advance KC – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Final Phase 1 Document: Kansas City Competitive Snapshot (pdf)>>>


KCStat is a data-driven, public-facing initiative focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of city services. KCStat has started by focusing on the areas in which  the city receives the most public complaints: Street Maintenance, Water Line Maintenance, Water Billing/Customer Service, Code Enforcement and Animal Control.

The purpose is to improve City services and government accountability by publicly outlining and discussing goals and objectives that will be measured against indicators for outcomes, output and efficiency. We have done five KCStat reviews since I established the process last year.

KCStat review of Water Services Department (Google doc)>>>
KCStat review of Public Works Department (Google doc)>>>
KCStat review of Neighborhood Services (Google doc)>>>
KCStat review of Human Resources (Google doc)>>>
KCStat review of Human Relations Department (Google doc)>>>


One thought on “Year One

  1. I’m glad to see that your office is addressing the task of jobs/services and crime. There is an issue that I believe needs to be address and that being the backward ordinance requiring the mandatory altering of the bully breeds. As a person that has shown/bred dogs for 35 years ( Bully Breeds ). The ordinance was poorly researched by the two previous Mayors. Dogs are a reflection of the owners.

    IMO we have as a city more pressing issues than funding a Animal Control over human services.. BSL do not work!! If we continue to earmark very breed of dogs that has an irresponsible owner.. We will have a heck of a money pit on Raytown road.

    The Ohio Supreme courts has just ruled that BSL are not effective and reversed such a law.

    Lets enforce laws geared toward to punishing the deed.. not the breed!!

    looking forward to the ordinance being removed and common sense installed.

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