4 Things to know about the GO Bond package


Starting this week, you will hear a lot of discussion about a G.O., or general obligation, bond package that voters will be asked to approve in April.

Conversation is starting now because it’s a significant investment, but one that signals our commitment to a making Kansas City a world-class city for years to come.

When I took office in 2011, the city faced around six billion dollars in ‘deferred maintenance’. That’s billion, with a “B”. Simply put, our infrastructure needs as a city had been kicked down the road for too long.

These are dollars that fix or maintain roads, bridges and sidewalks, along with making curbs ADA compliant. This kind of investment updates city facilities to be more energy efficient, and makes neighborhoods better equipped to handle flooding. We use these funds to maintain the infrastructure our city relies on, and to make sure we’re planning wisely for future generations.

So as the conversation here at City Hall begins this week about what the GO bond package will entail, I want to lay out a few things every Kansas Citian should know about this debate:

  1. We must build accountability and transparency measures into the plan that give our residents confidence they will see a strong return on this $800 million investment and will know where their money is going.
  2. The GO bond package should be strategic. Facts and data should guide our thinking. Not politics or a old ways of thinking that carve up investment with little regard for future planning.
  3. We must take a comprehensive approach to our infrastructure needs. We need roads (that are designed for vehicles, bikes and feet!), bridges, sidewalks, capital improvements to city facilities, and flood control improvements. We cannot ask Kansas Citians to approve a plan that does not adequately address all of those basic infrastructure needs.
  4. Every part of our city has basic infrastructure needs. Kansas Citians have my word that I will not support a GO bond plan that does not improve every single corner of our community.

When I ask my community members for their support on something like this, I do not take it lightly. My days in the Marines taught me a lot about loyalty, hard work and a sense of duty. I’ll carry those lessons with me each day as I make my way across the city this winter and spring to talk with you about this important step we can take, together.

Let’s keep in mind the type of city we want to be in five years, ten years, twenty years and beyond.

Let’s keep our commitment to the next generation of Kansas Citians by maintaining the things that make our city a great place to live, work and raise your family.

Let’s do this, Kansas City.



3 thoughts on “4 Things to know about the GO Bond package

  1. So more tax dollars to fund private interest projects? Out of the $6 Billion stated when you took office has only increased as a result of lack of action. Building streetcars and luxury apartments and bailing out multi-million dollar per year hotels for renovations is NOT repairing.

    Why are street resurfacing projects completed only to have it torn up days later by contractors, rough roads is what this city desires because it tears up automobiles – keeps mechanics in business.

    Land Snatching to develop new entertainment districts doesn’t help either. Over the past 30 years administrations have moved to kill the history of OUR city and that has easily been accomplished by lack of education in our schools due to T.I.F. related projects.

    The city transportation plan can not move automobile and pedestrian traffic, Not alone adding the Waste Car to the mix. Attempts to work with Traffic Signals for 4 yrs. to resolve this has failed – now it’s on to the Courts to resolve this issue.

    The current administration has failed this city miserably by criminal proportions, this is a city of the people NOT private interest and discrimination, but the current administration decides what business they want and blocks those they don’t at will.

    The current administration is a little late to begin trying to do what it should have done all along, the mayor had his own personal agenda that has damaged this city to it’s core, leaving a hell of a mess for the next administration to recoup. In closing I am hopeful I am the next Mayor of this City, because serious changes will take place starting with the removal of the Waste Car and the illegal Authority that violates the City Charter. The City being one of the largest employers, has done next to nothing on infrastructure with the man power to complete it while awarding tax dollar projects to contractors – corruption at it’s finest.

    SAY NO TO THE GO BOND, you have the money and the man power to complete what needs to be done already, unless your admitting to wasting taxpayers dollars and the city is broke. Either way taxpayers are screwed.

  2. I love KC more and more I plan on moving to the urban core so I can take advantage of the streetcar and all the beauty of Union Station, Crown Center and the Power and light district.

    I am a volenteer at The Folly. Its s passion I love the history of Kansas City,

    Let’s all move forward I;m with the mayor all the way. I vote too Yeah.

    Cynthia M. Newman.

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